Upcoming Show

August 6 2010: Rouge @ 1015
with Jon O'Bir

*online tickets: pre-sale tickets will go up as it gets closer to the date of each shows
*paper TIX: $15 / $20 haight ashbury tattoo at:

1525 Haight St / San Francisco

REDSF Frequently asked questions:

Why 18+?

Once upon a time when we were 18, we were left out of our chance to see quality headliners in nightclubs. The only chance we could see these amazing djs were in massives for a short set. We thought it would be nice for the younger generation to experience a lot more headliners than what we usually get in big festivals. We waited until we were 21, now you won't have to.

I'm over 21, will I have fun?

OF COURSE YOU WILL! we will be creative with our bookings to make sure that the older crowd will have a good time too. Remember the bar is there for you!

Where is Mission Rock?

Located next to the San Francisco Bay right off of Highway 280 near the AT&T Ballpark. For more detailed directions, please check our Venue information page

Why Mission Rock?

We get lots of questions regarding why we choose our venue. We put deep thoughts on planning all of our events to ensure first your safety and to make sure you will have a good time. Kelly's Mission Rock allow us to have a large capacity venue, ensure all of us of a high quality sound system, and also fully equipped with a full bar. There are not many places in the city that allow us to do an 18+ events that are fully equipped and permitted such as Kelly's Mission Rock. There are plenty of free parking spaces and large smoking areas! For us to bring a quality headliner we need a venue that can provide all that we mentioned above. We will work together with the security staff to ensure everything will go smoothly.

What is the dresscode?

That's the beauty of our venue! Other than backpacks & baseball caps, everything is good to GO. Candies, raver gear, lights, glowsticks, they are all welcome. Feel free to express yourself, after all electronic music is all about expressions of oneself. We will always make sure the venue will be aware of the kinds of attire that appear on shows like this.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets will always be sold online and as paper tickets. Our pre-sale tickets always starts lower for a LIMITED time, then it will be up to regular price up until the cut off time during the event date (Depending on headliner, sometimes pre-sale will increase twice). We will post links on where to get pre-sale tickets and also post an address of a place where you can get your paper tickets (most of the time it is Haight Ashbury Tattoo at 1525 Haight, SF.)

How late does RED go?

We will go strong to 4am to ensure heavy dose of electronic music.

Do you allow In&Out?

We apologize that we can not provide in & out due to this being a mixed 18 and 21 up event.

If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us at info@red-sf.com
We are always here for you...